Let's start the Welcome Weeks with the most German food possible: Schnitzel! Schwarzes Schaf is a place well-known for making the best Schnitzels, so we decided to show up there with you guys in full force. (Don't worry if you don't eat pork or meat at all, there will be other options).

What: Schnitzels in all variations
When: Thursday, 6th of September 2018
Where: Schwarzes Schaf, Erzstraße 46, 57076 Siegen-Weidenau
How much: You pay what you eat. So better bring some cash to the event! :)
Meeting point: 6:30 pm at Weidenau ZOB or just directly at the restaurant at 7pm

06/09/2018 - 18:30 to 21:30
Schwarzes Schaf
Erzstrasse 46
57076 Siegen